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Epic Failure

Well today is what I call an epic failure.

I did learn some things though, and the biggest thing I learned is to never assume that a label that says a water heater holds 45 gallons means that it actually does. Mine holds 24. Baffling, for sure, but more than that, frustrating. long story short, I ended up with methoxide and oil all over the place. Luckily, no one was hurt and I managed to get it all cleaned up. But I’m not happy.

So, for everyone out there, here’s a lesson I’ve learned that hopefully you won’t have to. Always verify volume. This goes along with some of the other lessons I’ve learned like, never put biodiesel in a non-biodiesel proof plastic container, or it may dissolve and make a mess; never stick your hand in a bucket of liquid of unknown PH, because that can hurt; never ever touch open electrical contacts on your processor while it’s plugged in, because that hurts too.There’s probably a lot more things I’m not thinking of, but these are the big ones.

Learn from my mistakes. Seriously.




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